Kerwin Naval Architects

Bill and Anita and I worked together on the $3.5 million major refit of a 140' yacht in 2005 where we were responsible for interior design and engineering, respectively. While I designed the furniture, their input into surface finishes, textures, hardware finishes, and other details was a great help and really added the professional look. Anita's Interiors did all of the design of cutom carpeting, window treatment, bed linens, selection of dining area furniture, design of repeating themes, placement of artwork, and dealing with a frugal client to achieve results that were good enough to warrant a 6-page spread in Yachting Magazine later that year. I have worked with them ever since as part of my network of professionals that Kerwin Naval Architects, Inc. brings to a yacht refit project. I highly recommend them for their creatiity, knowledge of all aspects of professional Interior Design, contacts with suppliers, and the ability to successfully deal with challenging clients.

Martin Architects

I had the pleasure of working with Anita's Interiors on a large renovation of a waterfront residence on Middle River Drive located in Ft Lauderdale. I was impressed with their ability to Design and follow thru with their selections effortlessly. Anita and Bill are extremely talented in their field... They are also great fun to work with.

Mr. & Mrs. S. Pratt

My wife and I hired Anita's Interiors to design the interior of our new home. We were increasing square footage and wanted to blend our existing furniture into the new interior while updating the overall look. Their space planning expertise was evident in that all of the furniture and piano fit perfectly and the color schemes looked great even though they designed our interior entirely from blueprints. Anita and Bill accompanied us to the showrooms where they had made appointments for us. It was a very efficient use of our time. We were selecting furniture and fabrics that matched our taste rather than looking at everything to agree on a style. Everything was delivered and installed by quality tradesmen and the project met our budget expectations. Anita and Bill worked with our general contractor to coordinate deliveries and installations that would not delay the completion date.

Linda Moore/Jardin De Ville

Anita Unger is a professional Interior Designer. I worked with Anita as her sales person at The Robert Allen Group in the DCOTA in Ft Lauderdale from 2001 to 2008, during This time Anita was on the Designer on Call Program at the DCOTA, During this time we built a strong working relationship. Anita would bring clients into the showroom on a regular bases. I worked with Anita to find exactly the right fabrics for her clients needs. I reconnected with Anita while being the Assistant Marketing Director of Miromar Design Center in Fort Myers, where she is a member of the Design Referral Services Program.

Anita is a pleasure to work with and I recommend her for any design project!